Frustrations of Four-Legged Monsters




As much joy as Sully and Olive bring to my life, they also bring quite a lot of frustration: 


-Olive recently broke, ate, smashed, destroyed my Armani glasses.  This little mess cost me $275 to replace.  

-Puppy pee…stepping in puppy pee, smelling puppy pee, cleaning puppy pee.  

-Sully’s 5:55am wake up call.  It’s more like a high-pitched constant whining sound. The only way to end this is to get ass out of bed and take him outside – this is especially annoying on Saturday mornings – much more manageable now that I’m never hungover.  

-Every pillow or stuffed animal left unattended will be ripped to shreds.  Picking up all of the stuffing off of the floor is a good work out.  

-Beagle hound howling at 3am.  







teeth marks on all wooden furniture. -Puppy


-Puppy teeth marks on Blackberry.  

-Crotchless underwear that used to have a crotch and you don’t realize there’s a hole in there until you use the bathroom at work.  

-Trails of toilet paper throughout the house  

-Sullys need to attack every dog we walk by (and non-white people – it’s true – he’s racist)  

I’m sure I will be adding more to this later…  

The bottom line is that I can’t own anything nice.  Isn’t this the same as with kids?  I will stick with dogs if that’s the case.    

Lastly, as much frustration and mess as they bring, it will never outweigh the joy and love they bring me.  

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