Balance is…

Balance is…

holding an arabesque for 10 seconds,

eating your fruits and vegetables,

getting home in time for dinner with your family,

working as hard as you play,

finding time to spend with your best friend even if you’ve just found your soulmate,

alternating every alcoholic drink with a glass of water,

being as much of a follower as you are a leader,

loving yourself first,

the accounting principle,

finding your center in a yoga class,

understanding the other side of the story

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2 thoughts on “Balance is…

  1. This comment is my very first blogging interaction! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and beautiful writing with me, I feel honored and lucky to be a part of it. I also feel extremely touched and proud of your strength and perspective. I loved the last line of your most recent post "understanding the other side of the story" – so true.

  2. Aww, thank you Electra! That is so nice nice of you and thank you thank you for even taking the time to read it! Let's do a "hike" and by hike I mean walk…next weekend? xo

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