It’s been a while…

This is a perfect example of procrastination and perfectionism!  I haven’t blogged in about two months due soley to the fact that I think that everytime I blog it has to be something magnificently original; thus, I put it off because I think that I don’t have anything to say. Well, that’s going to change.  I’m going to blog my brain out with ever minute, unimportant detail of my life…just kidding, don’t worry!  But, I am pledging to blog on a more continuous basis. 

The weather finally just got frigid and it’s starting to feel like Christmas time.  I have no idea where September, October, or November went.  Time feels like it’s flying by, even though some days (most days) I feel like my life is like the movie Groundhog day.  The passing of time is one of those uncontrollable things in life that scares me.  I put up my little fake Christmas tree on Thanksgiving day.  It makes me happy to look at it with white lights sparkling.  Whatever I can do to make my little apartment feel more like home is important to me, especially around the holidays.  Being in my mid-twenties now (ouch), it’s time to start considering where I live, albeit rented and basically temporary, HOME – not my parents house.  It’s been a lot easier to do that since my parents have moved away from the area and for someone who was homesick up until the age of 21, this is a big step! 


Olive recently got spayed and let me just say that anyone who doesn’t think that dogs are comparable to kids is just flat out wrong.  The medical care and daily quality of life care (like a dog walker) costs that same if not more than caring for human child.  Not to mention the toys!  Dogs toys seriously cost 5x more than kids’ toys bought from Wal-Mart…and kids probably don’t eat their toys allowing for the toys to last longer than the dogs’.  But, I’m not complaining – I wouldn’t have it any other way! 


Next month will be the first meeting of our new book club!  This will be my first time participating in a book club and I’m extremely excited because I’m a dork and an English major and I love reading and analyzing books.  I just hope the other members of the club don’t get sick of my dorkiness.  That’s the other great part about doing this book club – the fellowship of women.  The first book we are reading is The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver.  


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