Fall in love with…your life!

Every day I receive something called Today’s Gift from Hazeldon in my email.  Today’s ‘Today’s Gift’ was especially thoughtful.  The message was to fall in love with your life.  What a concept!  Seriously, I don’t know why I never thought of this before. 

Our main goal in life, it seems, is to find that soulmate and fall in love and live happily ever after.  But, the happily ever after part is contingent on falling in love…with someone else.  Why don’t we switch our thinking, and wake up happy every day to be ourselves!?  Being in love and falling in love with our lives is much different from loving ourselves and our lives.  BEING in love suggests present action.  Living in the moment is a gift that we should really give ourselves.  It allows us to stop in the middle of the chaos that fills our days, and say hey life, I love you.  I’m all I’ve got, you’re all you got, so why not love it…love every single inch of it.

Starting today, I am going to work on my relationship with myself (actually I’ve been working on that for the past year and 8 months), but I really never looked it as being in love with my life.  I AM in love with my life.  Love takes work and there’s work to be done, but in this moment I am content and I am free.


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