In the kitchen…an unlikely place

I love food. I do. Eating it is great, but making it?  That’s a whole different story.  I always say, “I can’t cook.”  I’m a single girl in my mid-twenties; therefore, my meals consist of only things microwavable (steamed veggies) and toastable (Eggo Waffles). But, how do I know that I can’t cook if I’ve never actually TRIED?  Just another example of lack of confidence, or perhaps fear of the unknown…ok maybe I’m over-analyzing this. 

A wonderful lady that I know had hip surgery, so of course I volunteered to make her and her family a meal.  I signed up for this thinking that I would just bring over a pizza or some other version of take out, but then I realized that they could very easily order delivery themselves and that I was probably expected to MAKE something.  

Being ever so resourceful, I went on and found something that seemed easy enough – Italian Baked Chicken and Pastina by Giada.  To my surprise, I actually had most of the ingredients in my own kitchen. Leading up to ‘cook time’, I was nervous.  What if I messed it up and I disappointed EVERYONE?  Then, I realized that I’m not that important. 

So, I followed the recipe and woolaa!  I made Italian baked chicken and pastina!  It smelled delicious and I felt a sense of accomplishment…I COULD COOK!  Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but I could at least cook that one dish. I even would go so far as to say that I enjoyed the whole process.  I think the best part was knowing that I was helping someone else and making their day a little bit easier…and tastier. 


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