Resurrect the wall

This is going to be short, and not so sweet.  Every time after a heartbreak, I tell myself that I’m not letting anyone do that to me again.  However, here I am…again…and my heart hurts.

My wall is going back up.  No one is getting in there for a while.  I think my higher power just wants me to be in love with me for now.

Despite the tears, tight chest, and upset stomach, I am grateful for this day.

Can you be grateful in times of loss?


4 thoughts on “Resurrect the wall

  1. I’m so sorry for what you are going through…I know how much a broken heart can ache. But I know now that one eventually gets through it with the help of God and the angels. ^j^ The most painful part of my ex divorcing me after 34 years of marriage was that last walk through our home and seeing it empty and vacant inside…just like I felt. Seeing all the memories of my children and grandchild reflected in it ripped a hole in my heart. I would never have believed that my ex and I could actually become close friends…life is never what we think it will be, is it?

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