You may have noticed, that Tracey’s Truth has a new look.  The banner picture of the ocean at the top of the page is actually a picture that I took on the beach in North Carolina.  Total serenity!  I thought it was time for a little change, a new look, something to inject some fresh inspiration into my writing.  I’ve been completely uninspired lately, as you can see by the major lapse in time since my last post.  The tedious monotony of my corporate gig has been sucking my creative well dry.  It’s got me thinking about change.

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear “change” is the transformation I went through 2 and 1/2 years ago.  Changing my lifestyle, my city, my friends, my attitude, my thinking, my behaviors, basically everything.  Today, however, I’m thinking about all of the changes that are going on at work.  Work…boring, I know.  But, I’ve realized how comfortable I’ve become in my work environment, the people in it, my commute, my daily responsibilities, etc.  Dare I say I’ve become complacent?  God must have noticed because now everything is different.  Half of the office was laid off, my closest co-workers are no longer there (the ones who make the day enjoyable), and I’m left asking myself what I’m going to do.

Changing jobs is never easy, let alone changing careers.  Do you ever ask yourself, do I really want to be doing THIS for the rest of my life?  At first, the thought of making a career change sounds exciting and energizing, but then when I actually have to narrow down what that would  look like and what it would require, I get an anxiety attack.  I read numerous blogs and articles about people who have made the leap into a new, more fulfilling career doing what they love, and I’m always amazed by it.  It seems so far from my reality.  The numerous voices in my head tell me that it’s impossible FOR ME and that I can’t do it. Maybe they could do it, but they’re different from me.

The other voices in my head tell me that the grass is always greener and that I’m lucky to have a job that pays the bills.  Why would I want to rock the boat?  But, doesn’t that sound so boring?  We have one life on this planet and we should dare to dream and push the boundaries of what confines us.  And it sounds like that would take a lot of effort.  That’s  just my Monday exhaustion talking.  I don’t know what it would take for me to make this kind of change.  All I can do right now is stay open to the possibility that anything is possible…


One thought on “Changes

  1. I so hear what you are saying! If only we came with a blueprint that we could pull out and check to see where we should be…then we would know whether to go for it or stay with the safety net! My son called to tell me that someone contacted the band he is in with a possible contract. Naturally, a first time signing is not much money at all and he has five years working at his present job. He has two kids and rent, monthly bills, etc. My first instinct was to tell him you can’t just give up your job with the way the economy is now…but who am I to crush his dream. So I pray and pray and ask God to help him make the right choice, whatever that may be. Now if he had come with a blueprint I could have told him just check page 42! lol 🙂 Good luck with your decision and have a very Happy Holiday! 🙂

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