10 little Things (to you) that may be BIG Things (to someone else)

Has anyone ever done or said something seemingly small and insignificant to you that completely turned your day around for the better? 

 I’m going to bet that the answer is yes, and I’m going to bet that you’ve done the same for someone else and don’t even realize it.  I’ve heard this described before as ‘random acts of kindness’, which I don’t really like because it reminds me of elementary school where we were supposed to perform them.  The whole thing didn’t seem to encapsulate the idea of ‘random’ nor do I think that acts of  kindness should be categorized as random.  It should be in our human nature to act kindly, but that is another blog post for a different blog :). 

As I’m treading this spiritual path, I find that doing little things for others comes more naturally and easily.  As I shed my resentments and clear out the dark spots, I find that there is so much more room for love and light.  I’ve experienced myself and observed in others the profound effect that our words and actions can have on each other. 

 Of course, this can go both ways, good and bad.  You never know what little thing you do here, or little thing you say there, could help someone.  I try to be vigilant of situations where I can be of service to others rather than making their day more difficult.  Isn’t life hard enough already?   Here, I choose to focus on some of the ways we can be the source and cause of light and love in someone else’s day:

image from blueshelled.com

1. Hold the door.


3. Smile at someone you don’t know.

4. Call someone and ask how THEIR day is and really mean it.  Don’t let them get away with “it’s fine”.

5. If you think something nice about someone (for instance, I like your sweater), say it out loud – don’t just think it.

6. Give someone a hug – with BOTH arms for  at least 3 whole seconds.

7. Write someone a handwritten note or card and send it in the mail.  It doesn’t have to be for a special occasion.

8. Send someone a text or email that simply says, “I’m thinking about you.”

9.  Make eye contact when someone is talking to you.

10. Tell someone, “I understand.  You’re not alone.”

Cultivate good karma!!


2 thoughts on “10 little Things (to you) that may be BIG Things (to someone else)

  1. Beautiful post! Your list of kind acts are all so simple and easy…if everyone did them imagine how many good vibes would be bouncing around the universe! 🙂 Have a glorious week! 🙂 You shine brightly! 🙂

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