He Must Come to You

For great is your love toward me; you have delivered me from the depths, from the realm of the dead.- Psalm 86:13

As I sat down to write a few minutes ago, I put on the Elevation Worship CD, We Are Alive, to try to lift something inspirational out of me.  Track 2 came on, Progress A.  It’s 30 seconds of Pastor Steven preaching, not even a song, which caught my attention.  I’ve learned in the short time I’ve been attending Elevation Church that when Pastor Steven speaks, I listen.

This is what struck me; he says, “You cannot get to God, He must come to you. There is no other way.”

And then I opened up my Bible, which I’m very new at, and it opened to Psalm 86.  Verse 13 hit me in the gut.

Not only did God come to ME, but when he came to me he delivered me from the depths of my self-made hell.  I honestly don’t know how other people come to find God without experiencing a life altering moment.  Maybe it’s just me, but He had to literally save me from death in order for me to see him, I mean really see Him.  I grew up always knowing that there was a God, I just didn’t KNOW him.  Like Pastor Steven said, there is no other way for me to know God until He comes to me.  I am so grateful that He did.

Are you still searching for Him?  Has He found you yet?


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