Crickets and Streams

Two words that I don’t say very often: I’m sick. Nothing serious, but it’s had me in it’s grip for about 5 days now and I want my mommy!

While I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep last night, not able to breathe, achey, and just feeling plain pitiful, I conceded and turned off the TV which is usually my sure-fire tool to help me transition into dreamland. I opened all three windows to let fresh air in from the 70 degree ‘winter’ day we had.

What I discovered was the harmonious sounds of crickets and the sound of constant flow from a stream. I don’t know if that stream has always been there or if it’s because of the heavy rain we recently had. Either way it was a serene combination that ultimately brought me some zzz’s.

I awoke this morning to the melodies of God’s creatures: beautiful singing birds who were happy for the blue sky and sunshine. I don’t think the hour we humans lost as a result of daylight savings time effected them as much.

Amid my pity party of sickness, I was reminded of one of the greatest gifts of all: gratitude. I was so grateful for my home and the woods that surround it and all of God’s creatures who I tend to drown out with electronics and media. If you take a moment to breathe it in, it truly is the most remarkable of simplicities.

Love your life today, no matter what!



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