His Plan

“Learning to wait on God is one of the hardest but most important aspects of the Christian life…It assures that you will act in His timing, not your own.” – Experiencing God, Henry Blackaby

How many of us would say that patience is one of our best attributes?  Maybe a few can say that, but certainly not me!  I have definitely improved in the patience department now that I’ve incorporated the Serenity Prayer into my life, but I must admit I still struggle with it.  Waiting in line or in traffic requires one kind of patience, while waiting for something you want or waiting for God to answer your prayer requires another.

Learning to wait on God doesn’t just take patience, it takes Faith – believing in what you cannot see.  If we lack Faith, we may say ‘I want it now!’ and get angry with God for not giving it to us on our timeline.  ‘It’ can be that job, that promotion, that marriage proposal, a baby, or whatever it is you so deeply desire.  However, that type of reaction or attitude reflects spiritual immaturity (which I can be guilty of on any given day).   When I deeply desire God’s word and when I can peel away my self-centeredness and need for instant gratification, I uncover my Faith.  While in prayer, I can hear God reassure me that He has a plan for me.  He doesn’t give me the details because I don’t need to know them.  All I need to know is that I am His and He is working in my life when I step back and let  Him.   It has been my experience that the things I want for myself are pitiful compared to what God wants for me.  Prior to having a personal relationship with God, I sold myself short when it came to hopes and aspirations for myself.  God is limitless and so is what He can do in my life. 

“Stop your fighting – and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

God has a plan for you.