Maine Thoughts

We made it to Maine! Me, Sully, and Olive piled in the car after work and actually made it here in 4 1/2 hours…no traffic! It’s unheard of. I’m amazed and quite happy about it. We only had to stop once when Olive decided to flip her car seat over; however, there was no vomit or bathroom accidents, so I cannot complain. They were perfect little peaches as my old bestie, Sarah, would say. 

This is Olive’s first trip to Maine and I cannot wait until morning to see her run free and jump in the lake. Her only experiences with water thus far have been at Lake Mohehgan in CT where she only gets wet up to her chest, so this should be interesting. Sully is already a seasoned pro up here. 

Even though it’s dark and late and I haven’t even seen the lake yet, I’m already at peace. This place relaxes me unlike any place else. They aren’t lying on the Maine state welcome sign which says, “Maine, the way life should be.” Water is my thing. I’m an Aquarius for goodness sake. Large bodies of water give me serenity and put me in contact with a higher power. Seeing it, feeling it, smelling it, all of it fulfills my senses and reaches deep into my soul. You’d think my mom had be in a water birth or something, right? No, I was actually born in a chaotic NYC hospital with construction going on outside the door. For some reason, I have always gravitated toward water. 

I have 3 full blissful days ahead of me to rest, read, relax, and enjoy time with my family…canine and human. 

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