I Hope You Dance

Today, I met up with my former boss and mentor and he reminded me why it is I look up to him.

All through this cold, snowy, makes-me-want-to-hibernate winter I’ve been questioning where I am in my life.  My career, my geographical location, relationships and my social life are all topics of consideration.  All of this thinking leads to a mild case of the mopes because that is what happens when Tracey is in her head for too long.

So, I’m rambling on to my former/boss mentor about all of the things that are wrong with my life right now and possible solutions I’ve come up with to fix them.  He is a very reflective soul, so a couple of hours after we parted, I received an email from him with this inspirational thought:

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass.  It’s about learning to dance in the rain.

I’ve heard variations of this before, but today after reading it something clicked.  As restless as I am and as badly as I want this uncertain time in my life to pass, THIS is my life.  Right now.  If I’m just waiting for it (the storm) to pass, then I’m essentially missing out on my life (the dance).  The difficult times are what makes life, life.  Otherwise, it would just be the Truman Show or a fairytale (but even fairy tales have conflict and resolution).

Even though I feel restless, discontent, stuck, and confused, I know that growth is taking place.  But, that growth can only be recognized and flourish into strength of character if I choose to change the way I think about it.  Reading that inspirational thought today flipped the switch in my head and reminded me that instead of getting down about the situation, I should embrace it for what it is.  What it is, is my life!  Love your life today!