4-Letter Words

“Love” is a 4-letter word.  Being single on Valentine’s Day makes me associate this word “love” with other 4-letter words that I can’t say here in case my grandma is reading this.  The beginning of my day was spent being bitter, but last night I had the opportunity to share myself with a community of like-minded people and my spirits took a 180.  I realized that when I close myself off from people, there’s no space for “love”.  When I open myself up, as vulnerable as it feels, the giving and receiving of love can take place.  DUH.  Humans are social beings that need to exchange love in order to survive.  Sometimes I forget that.  Love doesn’t have to be the romantic kind or the kind you get from your family.  I can feel love toward people who I barely know, but with whom I share a human connection with, just through one genuine conversation. 

Today, I can choose to keep my arms crossed and remain within the stark, cold walls of my own head or I can open my arms up and let love in from wherever it may come.

Love your life today!