Why do I want what I can’t have.

Why does my heart ache for him so bad.

Why do my eyes burn from being so sad.


Who do you think you are,

entering and exiting my life whenever you please;

turning your love on and off with such impressive ease.


Oh your contradictions and hypocrisies

turn over and over in my head

until they bring me to my knees.


You think you’re so right and I’m so

bad, drunk, crazy, unstable, immoral.

Well, I dare you to look in the mirror and see the horror.


These poisonous words are not easy for me to say,

but you backed me into this hell,

so I’m defending my pride your way.


Do my harsh words sting your soul like a

sling shot pierces an empty can?

Or do they just skim off the surface,

like skipping a stone by hand.


I believed in you, even when there was no reason to.

You didn’t believe in me.

You believed I was someone else,



I’m too tired, too weak.

I can’t convince you anymore

that I’m the one you should die to be with;

I’m not the whore.


I want to shake you, hit you, kiss you, kill you…

Love you.

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